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Summer is for Learning

Welcome! This past week I have been teaching in the summer school program at my local school. Every year in early June, the school district has a week called “Summer...

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Join me at AERO!

If you would like to have a different perspective on education and learning, here is your chance, AERO Conference.

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What happens when your expectations are high, but the reality is much lower? Change!   The idea of having a family did not cross my mind until I was in...

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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

This past year during the pandemic, I was looking for ways to connect with other people. One of my past instructors was offering an online business class. I decided to...

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Deep Dive Strengths Conversations

Are you a parent, teacher, or leader? Looking for a way to support your child, motivate your students, or maybe bring out the best in your employees? I am a...

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Do You Know Your Strengths?

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!!  Now that my children are older, Valentine’s Day is not as celebrated in years past. No heart pancakes tinged in pink, no candy hearts, and small...

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Looking for the Bright Spots in 2020

Welcome to 2021!! A new year and a new set of possibilities before us. However, before you jump into the new year’s setting goals, resolutions, or intentions, I invite you...

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Moving Through Fear and Anxiety

Happy Halloween! I thought today would be the appropriate day to talk about fear and anxiety. Sometimes fun and fear can go together like today! Halloween is the annual time...

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Creating a Resilience Bank Account

Why do I feel so tired and exhausted?  The answer might surprise you, or maybe not.    In the video this week I talk about an article I read called,...

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