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Cultivating Trauma-Sensitive Strength-Based Schools and Organizations

What is a W.I.L.D. learning environment?

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Engage in developing the strengths and skills needed to develop the W.I.L.D. in you!


Tailor-made in-service training to create a W.I.L.D learning environment in your school or organization


Inspire staff with new practices in cultivating W.I.L.D. learning environments for adults and youth



The mission of Wildewood Learning is to support schools, learning centers, and organizations in the creation of learning environments that are healing, affirming, and inclusive for all learners.

W=Whole Person Focus

A W.I.L.D. learning environment focuses on all aspects of the person, first and foremost by nurturing all areas of your development as a person and a professional. Change happens in a school or organization when the experience changes for the adults.

I=In It Together

A W.I.L.D. learning environment creates community between adults and children to cultivate the skills necessary to learn and grow socially and emotionally. It takes more than one person to shift the learning environment; it takes a community.

L=Learn What's Right With You

A W.I.L.D. learning environment recognizes each individual’s strengths. We are cultivating positive traits in every one of us. A strength-based focus will bring out what is strong and right within.

D=Develop Resilience

A W.I.L.D. learning environments recognize resilience grows through supportive relationships, community interactions, and skill-building. Resilient people can adapt to adversity, cultivate positive relationships, and increase their wellbeing.