At Wildewood Learning,

we believe you can ...

Collaborate with your students to bring a sense of joy and adventure to learning.

Inspire and light up your students by identifying the unique gifts each can contribute.

Empower your students by sharing your power with them.

And we have a process….

Let's Collaborate


Inspire and invoke new practices in engaging youth that make sense. Kathy will have your audience eager to approach their work with a renewed sense of service.


Learning through engagement.
Ignite their passion and stir curiosity!
The Wildewood Learning process is an approach that truly makes an impact on youth.


Create experiences for students that are real-time and relatable. Empower your team to motivate and engage youth to take inspired action towards being self-responsible.

Hi! My name is Kathy Magnusson 

Founder of Wildewood Learning Coaching and Consulting

I am an expert at supporting you in personalizing your student’s learning so each student can connect the dots from the classroom to the community and to a career.

I am a former high school teacher, social and emotional learning specialist and strengths-based leadership coach. Creating learning experiences for youth can be a joy-filled process built on intense curiosity, and a true connection that taps into each student’s unique gifts.

I invite you to find out how you can personalize your student’s learning that will

Keep the adventure growing!

Bringing back the joy and adventure to learning!

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