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Join me at AERO!

June 9, 2021



School’s out for the summer! 

No more pencils

No more books

No more teacher’s dirty looks

If you don’t know the song by Alice Cooper, you can hear it here.


I know I have sung the opening line many times at the end of the school year. As I read the lyrics, the thing that strikes me is how much school is disliked by the song’s writer. This song resonates with many students. 

I get curious as to how has the 2020-21 school year has affected students. Will this be a year that many talk about how the educational system in the United States changed or how it all went back to “normal.” 

Come on, folks, let’s be honest with ourselves; the “normal” school system hasn’t been a place that many young people have enjoyed or found a path beyond the 12+ years of traditional schooling.

If you would like to have a different perspective on education and learning, here is your chance, AERO Conference.  The mission of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) is to make learner-centered, self-directed education accessible to people worldwide.  The conference includes everything from preschool to higher education educators.

The AERO international conference will be completely virtual from June 24 – 27, 2021

This year will feature a diverse group of speakers spread across six continents. I have co-presented with my friend, Monica Cohran, at several AERO Conferences. This year Monica and I are presenting a workshop, Building Resilience through Strength-Based Learning, on Saturday, June 26 at noon central time. You can hear more about our workshop here.

I enjoy the conference because it brings together youth and adults from the spectrum of learner-centered alternatives under one roof.  I have meet educators from alternative public school programs to families that are unschooling. Truly innovators in education from all over will be attending and presenting. 

Another feature of the conference is youth-led workshops and sessions. I find that the youth are so wise and resourceful. I have heard so much wisdom in the youth-led discussions and workshops.  

Education is critical to bring about a more just and sustainable world. We also know that the education system is in the midst of a significant change. Join me for this very interactive conference to learn about alternatives to the traditional education model. There are choices, and there are new ways to learn and work in the field of education.


Be Well,



P.S.I would like to invite you to be a part of the conference. If you register soon, you can choose your price for the conference. See you at AERO!