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Moving to a Strength-Based Approach


Trauma-informed education has changed the question of looking at a person’s behaviors from “What’s wrong?” to “What has happened?” In this session, we take it a step further and ask, “What are the strengths of this person?”

In this interactive workshop for all tiers of education, we will explore the direct effects of trauma (both big and small) and the neuroscience of the mind-body connection. Participants will learn about the Polyvagal Theory and the implications of the theory on building positive relationships. We will explore the needs underneath the behaviors and how the Polyvagal Theory can create a deeper understanding of a person’s actions.

You will learn strategies to stay centered in challenging situations and create the safety needed for real learning to occur. Before identifying strengths in others, adults need to be grounded, regulated, and know their own strengths. Using a polyvagal informed lens, you can develop an understanding of behaviors and expand your view of strengths to see what is strong in others.

The workshop Moving to a Strength-Based Approach will be presented at the Trauma-Informed Educators Network Online Conference on July 21 at 11:45 Central Time.
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