I created Wildewood Learning three years ago because I wanted to make a change in education. I started supporting parents with their teens in shifting their view of education because I needed that support for myself.


The old saying is we teach what we need the most. Along my parenting path I have come across some very good teachers. These teachers have unknowingly supported me in my journey of becoming a better parent.


I have selected five of my favorite resources (teachers) that make me a better parent. These resources have given me hope and I want to pass that hope on to you! Enjoy!


Zen Parentinghttp://zenparentingradio.com/

Todd and Cathy Adams have a weekly podcast where they advocate parent awareness. What I love about their podcast is the natural flow between Cathy and Todd. Cathy comes from the viewpoint of parenting from the spiritual and emotional perspective. Todd perspective is more logical and practical. The two of them blend together in a podcast that is entertaining, and I walk away from listening to their advice a better parent.


Grown and Flownhttp://grownandflown.com/

This website and Facebook page/group is especially geared towards parents with children ages 15-25. The website is co-founded by Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa (Endlich) Heffernan, both writers with teens and grown children. The articles on the site are written by a variety of authors. The topics range from high school and college issues with teens to empty-nest parents. I enjoy the weekly newsletter sent to my email with the variety of articles and the Facebook group of parents dealing with some of the same issues I have with our teens.


Annie Foxhttp://www.anniefox.com/

Annie Fox has been a parenting and teen expert for many years. She has worked with teens and parents as an advisor. She has written many books for parents and teens on relationships and emotional intelligence. I particularly like her podcast, Family Confidential, where she interviews many different experts on a variety of parenting topics. I can pick and choose the experts and topics I want to support my parenting.


Nick Zizihttp://nickzizi.com/

Nick Zizi is a motivational speaker for conferences and schools, and he speaks about student leadership and success. Several times a week Nick speaks on Periscope, a live video streaming app. He has an inspirational message about leadership that is full of valuable information for both adults and youth. I enjoy Nick’s enthusiasm and find a lot of value in his teachings for myself and my teens.


Scott Noellehttps://www.dailygroove.com/

I have been getting Scott’s daily emails, The Daily Groove, for many years. His parenting insights have changed the way I see my children and have altered my parenting style. Scott teaches strategies that empower parents in creating authentic relationships with their children. The Daily Groove messages are now repeating in my inbox, since Scott has not written new messages during the last year, yet each time I read the message I gain a greater insight into how I can parent with more trust and heart.


Parenting is not always an easy vocation. There are thousands of parenting websites, books, and podcasts to choose from to help you in your parenting journey. Choose the resources that resonate with you and find the support you need to help unleash your brilliance as a parent!



Kathy Magnusson M.Ed.

Kathy Magnusson, M. Ed., owner of Wildewood Learning, has over 25 years of experience working with adults and youth. She develops tailored made professional development opportunities for teachers and youth professionals that will support them in designing positive learning environments for their students. Kathy is in her “calm place” when serenely kayaking or relaxing with a good book at the family lake cabin.


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