You Do Have a Choice About Your Teen’s Education


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School has already started for many students. My children are starting on September 6th, the day after Labor Day. We have done some school shopping, have their notebooks and school supplies bought and a few new clothes. Schedules have arrived in the mail and there has been talk about changes in schedule. Fall sports practices started over a week ago.

All of this talk about the next school year can bring up a number of feelings for our teens, some of those feelings are anxiety provoking. I have one child that looks forward to school, she is so excited. I have another child that would rather not go to school. He hates certain subject and is not looking forward to the changes.

In a survey conducted by Yale University of 22,000 high school students, 75 % of the students used negative words such as tired, stressed and bored to describe their experience in school. When quotes for “school anxiety” are Googled, many quotes come up in the search. It is easy to see why going back to school is not as happy as the commercials would want you to believe.

What to do when your teen is experiencing anxiety about school?

Here are several suggestions:

Asking your teen questions to see if you can get to the root of the anxiety.

Talking through the upcoming changes in your schedule and trying to help teens identify the reasons for the anxiety around the upcoming changes.

Talk with teachers and school counselor about your teen’s anxieties about school.

If your teen is new to the school or going to different classrooms take time to walk through the school and help them locate their classrooms.

However, sometimes a new path is needed

Educating your teen is filled with many choices and sometimes the choice to blaze a new path is needed for your teen’s education.

It’s not always easy to blaze a new path alone. The path can become clearer when support, advice and resources are provided so you know your options. Your teen’s educational path might include changes in courses such as an online course, college, independent study or homeschooling for one or more courses.

Or maybe a change in environment is needed, a different school or online options. However, not all schools or online schools are the same.

How do you go about choosing what is right for him or her?

Creating this new path for your teen’s education needs to be discussed and made in partnership with your teen. Through Wildewood Learning, I help parents know the options and have conversations with their teens about education for middle school, high school and beyond. I will help you become that partner your teen needs to support them on a different path.

Click here to contact me and set up a free 30-minute “Planning the Road Map” call to discuss your teen’s education track. Together we will develop great ideas on how you can help your teen on a positive path for the future.


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