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“Road Map for your Future” Program

 For concerned parents of students (ages 12-19) wanting to create a custom educational experience for their future.

Is the young person in your life uncertain and feeling anxious about his/ her future? Many young people are feeling stressed out and tired in their present lives. What they really want to feel is happy, energized and excited about now and what the future may hold for them.

This program is perfect for the parent of the student that is undecided or unsure of future plans in or out of school.

In this 6 session program, I work with you to guide your teen in creating a road map for the future.

  • Identify talents and skills your teen has to offer the world (surprising ones he/ she didn’t even know they had)!
  • Design education options to support your teen to reach for future dreams and desires.
  • Develop a clear plan to help your teen set goals for the future.

Each hour long session is engaging and custom designed to create a step-by-step plan for an educational experience your teen will enjoy!

The one-on-one sessions are held by phone or Skype.

This program will show you how to help your teen use their unique brilliance, so they can move forward with confidence.

Imagine what your teen can do when he/she has a clear path that will guide their future.

Ready to help your teen set a new Road Map for the future? 

Email at schedule a call and let’s talk.