Who Are You?

December 5, 2014

Remember the song “Who are you?” by the Who? Or maybe you are not as old as I am and you remember the song because it was the theme to CSI. How often do we ask our youth “Who are you?” or “Who are you going to be?” Many time our child is asked “What are you going to be?” A farmer, like your dad? A teacher, like your mom? “Who are you going to be?” is a question that is often over looked in a child’s life.

The past two weeks I had the privilege of teaching at the local high school in the Careers Investigation class. The students were in grades 9-12 and are exploring different careers, colleges and life paths. My son happens to be a student in the class and I approached his teacher to ask about presenting strengths to the class. The she was happy have me come in and talk with the students.

If you have read my bio, you would know I am not a lecture type of teacher. I developed a two session class that got the students thinking their strengths and life path by incorporating activities, discussions and reflection.

Each student is a very unique individuals. The Strength Finder assessment has 34 unique talents described. According to Gallup, there is a 33.39 million to one chance that someone else has the exact same top 5 strengths in the exact same order as you!

Strengths are described as:

  • You are born with them
  • Can be transferred to a variety of different activities
  • Specific and precise
  • Help you know yourself and where you find your energy
  • A talent that is practiced and built over time.

I developed an activity using words and phrases on card which describe each of the four broad strength categories. I wanted the students to get an idea of which the strengths category fit them the best by having them select the words and phrases that described themselves. After choosing the best cards to describe themselves, students formed four groups to represent each of the broad strength categories: Doers, Cheerleaders, Human Glue and Thinkers. In my webinar, “5 Steps to Unleashing the Brilliance of Your Child”, I talk about the characteristics of each of these groups,

Strength groupings



  • Bring strong powerful movement towards a goal
  • Like structure, timelines, “to do” lists
  • It’s about the result and doing things “right”
  • Teamwork with other Doers


  • Bring energy and momentum to projects
  • Can create teams and rally people behind a cause
  • Bold truth tellers – say what they see and let the chips fall
  • Bring the “Fun Factor” to an event

Human Glue

  • Bring connection, unity and inclusion to a project
  • Good at understanding how others feel
  • Hold the team together
  • Call out the potential they see in others


  • Bring to the project ideas, plans, results, thinking, data, information and careful calculations
  • Conversations are detailed
  • Can see where a project has to go and pieces fit together
  • Theories and philosophy are important

In the discussion of the differences between each strength category, I talked about team building. In creating a team, thought needs to be given to the strengths of the members on the team because each of these strength categories is need to create a balanced team.

When posing the question, “Who are you?”, strength is one of the way students can start on the journey of developing a connection between their skills, passions and the marketplace to become more self-directed in their learning and life.

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