Fresh Beginnings for Fall

wildewood-learning-2Many people think of spring as the season for fresh beginnings. That image may come from the movie “Bambi” where the flowers are blooming, the snow melting away and the baby animals being born. However, fall is also the start of a fresh new season. School has started, the leaves are falling so the trees look like they’re ready for something new, and the Minnesota “Snowbirds” are migrating to homes down south.

In that spirit, Wildewood Learning is starting with a fresh new season with many changes.

  • A new logo and website with bright new ideas
  • YouTube channel where I will be posting videos for you to see at your leisure
  • Even a new name: “Wildewood Learning, Coaching and Consulting”

However, one thing has not changed: I am still working with parents, teens and organizations that serving youth in creating personalized educational options for teens. I am coaching one-on-one with parents to design impactful educational experiences for their young people who have lost motivation in their education, who are struggling to find the connection between what they are studying and their passions, and who have not yet had the opportunity to shine. Supporting that, I am consulting with youth organizations on education programming for teens so as to expand the offerings and possibilities for our young people.

Within my own lifelong learning, one of the most interesting events I attended in October was a three-day training with the Search Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota. The three-day training covered research and activities for the REACH process. The REACH process covers Relationships, Effort, Aspirations, Cognition and Heart. These are approaches to learning that assist educators in strengthening academic motivation in teens. And motivation is the first step in creating better education for our young people.
The REACH process is based on the extensive study done in the areas of brain research, mindset, and social and emotional learning. I made a short overview video about the REACH process which you can watch below.



I also have three more short videos for you to choose from. Each of the videos expands upon the different parts of the REACH process. Go to the Wildewood Learning YouTube Channel to view these additional videos.
I am continuing to work on bringing resources to parents and youth on how to personalize education to meet the needs of their sons and daughters. Watch in my upcoming newsletters for additional resources that will unleash the brilliance of your teen, and that will launch a bright new season in their educational lives!

Like to know more about Wildewood Learning services to support families like yours, in creating the best educational path for your teen? If so, please contact me for a complimentary 60 minute session to “Explore Personalized Learning for your Teen” session.

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