Freedom in Education

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The blog challenge question today is “Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle?”

I am taking the questions and tweaking each question to fit education. In this case I am asking “Why do I want freedom in my teen’s education?”

My son is sitting at the kitchen table after being placed in out of school suspension for the third time. He is 12 years old and struggling with the classroom and school environment. His impulsive and reactive behavior has gotten him into trouble several times at school and now it’s turning into three days of out of school suspension. He feels relief being out of the school and the stressful environment. My heart is breaking as I don’t know what to do. Out of school suspension was not in my plan for him.

As we are studying his history lesson he come across a passage about the Native American tribes tapping maple trees for syrup. He asks “can we do that?”

“Of course” I answer. I am excited to do some hands on learning with him. I had taught middle and high school science for over 10 years. I always enjoyed teaching where the students ask the questions and then we used hands on learning to answer the questions.

My son did the research, tapped the Boxelder trees (we didn’t have Maples) in our yard and turned the experience into a project he displayed and demonstrated through 4-H. He had the freedom to ask the questions, investigate and learn through experience. I had the wonderful experience of guiding him through the process of connecting his learning to real life.

The world need young people that can be self directed in their learning and life. Education is missing the importance of youth being able to ask and investigate the big questions of the world. Questions like “Who am I?” “What do I value?” “What is my why?”

I believe self discovery is a huge part of education that is missing. When I help a a teen discover what is exciting about life and learning, I feel I am making a contribution to positively changing the world.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2
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