Developing Your Child’s Learning Strengths

Recently, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed when one particular video captured my attention. I just had to stop and watch. The video showed a mother sitting with her baby in the crook of her arm. The baby’s dark eyes were gazing up his mom and he had a huge smile on his face. Every time the mom looked at him, the smile just grew bigger.

My heart melted seeing the connection between the mom and her little baby.

Babies are learning new experiences at a rapid rate. I wondered to myself, what was this baby learning? He was learning about connection, emotions, and facial expressions all through his mother’s modeling.

Learning is a word that is used by many yet very rarely understood. Research has shown that each of us learns through a multitude of different ways. As humans grow the number of ways we can learn expands based on our unique personality, experiences and developmental stage. Learning through modeling, like the mother and baby, is only one of the many ways humans learn.

In a recent video, I talk about learning strength and the benefits of a parent to know their own learning strengths and their teen’s learning strengths.

When a parent knows about learning strength they are able to better:
• Advocated for their child,
• Understand how to help their child with learning and
• Understand themselves in the role of a parent.

Dan Seigel, neuroscientist (brain researcher) says “When a parent starts to know themselves in an open and supportive way, we take the first steps to encourage our children to know themselves.”

Take a step to better understand the unique way your teen learns by watching this video.


Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

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