Wildewood Learning founder, Kathy Magnusson


I love teens!

Call me crazy! I love teen energy, creativity and outlook on life!

That is why I became a teacher, youth program leader and parent. Working with middle school and high school students has been my passion for over 20 years!

So in the midst of living this passion, my husband and I asked ourselves, “How difficult can it be to adopt a sibling group of four small children all at the same time?

Flashback 10 years ago, after managing the activities of our four young children, my husband and I flopped down on the couch exhausted. We were both physically and emotionally frazzled.

Three months before we adopted our children, I had thought to myself, “Parenting can’t be that hard. I’m used to teaching science to middle schoolers with 30 students per hour in 6 classes, and I have a Master’s degree in Education. Parenting? No problem!”

Oh! What a journey it has been over the last 10 years!

We now have four teens in the household, which brings us to another phase of the parenting journey, helping our children to grow from young children to young adults.

Sitting on the couch that day brought many doubts to our minds. How were we going to be good parents and educate our children? Are we doing this right?

As an educator and parent I’ve come to realize there is no one “right way” to educate a child.

However, there are positive ways to guide a child that will have effective long-lasting results. The “one size fits all” method of education doesn’t always work to motivate teens to learn, to make good decisions and to be leaders in their own lives.

So I started Wildewood Learning to support parents in creating an educational plan to meet the needs of their teens.

The Wildewood Learning program assists parents in working alongside their teens to create personalized education plans that provide guidance in motivating teens to accomplish future goals. The system I’ve developed uses methods that have benefited my own children’s education.

I personally support you in helping your teen grow to be a leader in his/her own life. Your teen’s unique brilliance will be unleashed through understanding personal strengths and learning styles, making conscious and informed choices, and developing unique ways to live in and contribute to the world!

Your teen will feel encouraged and hopeful when directed on a learning path that meets individual needs, and as a parent, you will feel satisfied with moving forward on the path you have created with your son or daughter.


FB picKathy Magnusson, M. Ed, support parents in teaching their teens to be leaders in their own lives. She has been in the field of education for over 20 years and is passionate in engaging young adults in unleashing their unique brilliance. As an educator and coach, Kathy has supported parents in finding ways to help their teen feel more capable and confident. When she’s not chasing after her own four teens on a farm near Roseau, MN, you can find her serenely kayaking or relaxing with a good book at the family lake cabin in Ontario, Canada.